Helping keep one's dignity when life doesn't go as planned

We insure against the economic trauma caused by the most devastating losses that people face.


What keeps you up at night?

We have over 30 years experiencing and understanding the problems that should be brought to your attention. And it's about YOU!

What you need to know

Insurance, financial and legal advisors come to us for answers; you can too.  We assess your situation, present solutions customized to your needs and let you decide with no pressure.

Our Wish

Is to be the most important person you meet in your life, not related to you.

The D's

Death, Disability or Departure

of a business owner, a key-employee or a spouse, can cause substantial financial damage.  We help develop plans that deal with these events in order to minimize the loss.  We can't control what we have no control over, but can plan for the what ifs.

Being real with yourself and knowing that these events can occur at anytime, to anyone, is the first step.  Should they happen to you or someone important to you;  what do you WANT to have happen?   

Our Destination, Dreams and Desires

are what drive us.  As you focus on creating your wealth and legacy,  we focus on conserving it, by insuring you are prepared to limit losses that occur and recover quicker.

Disagreements, Divorces and Defaults

happen as well.  Having ideas to navigate through these are vital in order to get back on track.  The right plan addresses the risks before they happen.  But it is hard to find the answers to the questions we don't know to ask.  

Income is the foundation to security

Life Insurance

There are many types of life insurance and many feelings about the right type or amount.  We serve by asking you the right questions and educating you on the available solutions based on your goals, dreams and desires. 

Today with Living Benefits available, insurance Companies have put the LIFE into life Insurance by allowing access to the death benefit for Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illnesses during your life?

Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance

Should you become sick or hurt, where will the income come from? If a spouse or key employee were to become sick or hurt, how would that affect your family or business income?

One day you may need long-term care.  Where and how will it be provided?  By whom? And how will it be paid for?  Who would you want to change you or bathe you?  


Everyone leaves!  Whether it is our own decision or not.  Will your income be affected?  Is there a plan to keep key employees?  Do you have an exit strategy for yourself?  Do you have a sustainable lifetime income stream plan?  Are you paying too much in tax?


If income runs out, it may cause the loss of everything, including  DIGNITY.  

Price vs. Cost

Income and Insurance Tailor

Which will fit you better - a suit custom tailored for you or one you'd get online or at a department store?  The same applies to insurance, except it doesn't need to cost more.


We plan to wake up everyday


We plan to be safe and healthy

Keep the promise


If you plan to plan tomorrow, it may be too late

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